Copyright Basics

Michelle Spencer CC0

2 thoughts on “Copyright Basics

  1. I belong to a group and take photographs of group activities, seminars given by the group etc. I do not get compensated for this. We have a group newsletter published by the group President. I put my photos on a thumb drive and give the thumb drive to the group President to publish in the newsletter. Now the President wants to publish in other places also, like the groups website and I’m not sure where else but it may benefit the group. I volunteered to publish them to the website but was told it is very complicated to do and the President is insisting on doing it herself.
    I am feeling very possessive of my photos right now. Is that wrong.

    1. Generally speaking, the person who takes the photos holds the copyright. It’s not wrong to feel possessive of your photos. They belong to you and you have the right to set the terms regarding how they are used. You can negotiate payment, proper credit, or any other terms you want, or you can refuse to allow your photos to be published by anyone but yourself.

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